There once was a little hunnybee...

Honeybees are very a very close knit group that work hard together in their colony and stay well within their respected boundaries.  Well this little hunnybee, bee-ing myself (I'm so punny), decided to venture out into the great unknown and challenge myself to follow my heart and dreams and my true love which is discovering the beauty in life through the art of makeup. 

My first memory as a little girl of makeup is watching my grandma while she sat at her vanity apply her bright pink blush and lipstick (and her fancy wig of course). When she finished she would graciously allow me to play and that is where I fell in love with makeup. I also remember when my little baby sister got into my mom's red lipstick and drew on everything in her bathroom...but we won't go there. 

The first time I started wearing makeup was when I was 14. I wore Cover Girl foundation applied thick and heavy because it was what my older sister had and white eyeshadow (because apparently that was the thing?). I got a lot better and wiser in my makeup choices in the years to come. Benefit Cosmetics was the first brand I fell in love with. Boi-Ing and Hello Flawless powder changed my life! I could relate to the brand because I felt like it fit my own personality and I still love it today. A few years ago I started watching beauty gurus on YouTube such as Jaclyn Hill and Kandee Johnson and thought "Why can't I do that?". So I did! I started my own YouTube channel and have been a Freelance Makeup Artist for a year and I love it! 

What I love most about makeup is that there is always something new to learn, ways to improve, new techniques to be developed and so much more. I never took makeup very seriously. I always thought it was just something fun to play with. I have learned through working with many clients the power of makeup and how it affects people deeply on many levels.

My mission as a Makeup Artist is to stand out among the colony of honeybees and bee a Hunnybee. To bee someone who sees the depth and the detail that creates the art and happiness of beauty through makeup.